‘Avengers Infinity War’ is a Roller Coaster of Emotions

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‘Avengers Infinity War’ is a Roller Coaster of Emotions

Kyra Ford, Staff Writer

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From the beginning of the film, the tone for directors Anthony and Joe Russo’s “Avengers Infinity War” is set. The movie starts off in an apocalyptic setting, Off World, with death all around and the villain, Thanos, as its cause.

The gloomy mood put a sense of dread in my stomach immediately that surprised me. Other Marvel movies usually open with funny or inspiring scenes that leave me feeling pure excitement.

Many superheroes are meeting each other for the first time or seeing each other after a long time, and their interactions with each other make the movie worth the heartache. There are key interactions that bring joy, like Captain America seeing his best friend Bucky for the first time in two years, the hilarious interaction between the Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man, Spider-man, and Doctor Strange, and even a touching moment between Thanos and his favorite daughter, Gamora.

The cinematography is also amazing. One scene that stands out is Thanos imagining being on his homeworld before it was destroyed. The sky is incredibly blue and there are magnificently beautiful decorative buildings all around.  It is hard to believe that a place that looks like that is imagined. Thanos is the only person on the planet, and he looks at peace for the first time in the movie. Another breathtaking scene is the collaborations in Wakanda. The main city is full of technology and appears to be a part of the future. It is also a great scene supporting women empowerment because Princess Shuri of Wakanda is the main engineer of all of the technology and medicine in Wakanda.

The actors do a great job of making the movie what it was. Tom Holland, who plays Spider-man, improvises one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the movie. In fact, his improvisation helps remind the audience that he is just a child who was put into the war. Other actors like Chris Evans, Captain America, and Chris Hemsworth, Thor, add in funny banter, appropriate for their characters. The overall acting is fantastic and very believable.

The final scene of the movie is one of the saddest, most heartbreaking endings to a movie that I have seen. Without saying too much; the heroes don’t win. In most movies, superhero or otherwise, by the end of the movie, the problem is solved and the hero comes out on top. The exact opposite takes place in “Avengers Infinity War.” Still, there is time for the heroes to come out on top, because this film was only ‘Part one.’  Part two of the movie is scheduled to come out in May of 2019. But it appears that the heroes will never be the same after everything that happened and everything they lost in the battle.

Like all other Marvel movies, “Infinity War” had an end credit scene. This scene typically shows a teaser of the next movie.  Unfortunately, this film’s end credit scene was just more destruction with the promise that “Thanos Will Return.”  I cannot wait to see what the sequel brings.


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