Renaissance in Pastels Event at Slater Museum



The pastel painting at the Renaissance in Pastels event.

Alyssa Newson

Olivia Yu, Staff Writer

The Renaissance in Pastels event at Norwich Free Academy, held on October 27 in Slater Memorial Museum, gave an opportunity for regional artists to be represented. The event is one of many art shows held throughout the years. The goal is to bring back the Renaissance time period. 

Florence, Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance. Renaissance is a movement that was centered on the improvement of interest in the classical learning of Greece and Rome. A lot of famous artworks come from the Renaissance time period. Art  during that time period was important because wealthy people would like to put themselves into famous paintings or paint themselves with many important figures from the Renaissance, to show off their wealth. 

“They’re Connecticut artists, and the event is called Connecticut Pastel Society. All of the artists work with pastels, and they show them because they want to tell stories about how different civilizations communicate their culture through art work.’’ Director of the NFA Slater museum said Dayne Rugh. 

The Connecticut Pastel Society is a statewide fine arts organization with national connections. Each year they present an art award based on the artists’ paintings. Each artist summits three paintings. Those paintings will be judged by three judges. 

Lisa Regopoulos finds her inspiration everywhere she goes. She takes her time observing details, of what she’s painting because putting those details into her artwork can make her work become alive said Regopoulos. 

“I pretty much find my inspiration everywhere,” said Regopoulos. 

Regopoulos likes to demonstrate in front of people because it helps her with her social skills making her feel encouragement, to continue her demonstrations and classes and also making her feel better about herself, said Regopoulos.

“Anytime I can demonstrate it’s because I want to get myself out in front of people. It helps me to generate people to take my classes,” said Regopoulos. 

“What would I hope to get from visitors is just a little bit of an understanding about why and how cultures developed the way they did because you can learn a lot about the history and people based upon the relics they leave behind, said Dayne Rugh.