The Shattuck House Adopts a Family


Shattuck house faculty donations waiting to be delivered.

Julia Florence, Staff Writer

“What would you like for Christmas?”  This one phrase is commonly heard during the holiday season. When you hear it, what do you think of? Do you automatically start brainstorming all the fantastic things you want, or are you flattered by the fact that someone is going out of his or her way to get you something, no matter the size or cost? Money around the holidays is tight, but it can be fun to shop for someone and then see his or her expression when you make their days even more memorable. The Shattuck house faculty did just that by giving to Norwich families in December.

The Shattuck faculty have signed up for the Adopt A Family program run by Norwich Human Services for the past three years. “It’s at least fifteen years old,” says Celia, one of the employees from Human Services. Shattuck house principal, Kristin Peckrul, proposed sponsoring this program as an alternative to “Secret Santa” gifts a few years ago. 

Human Services sends Shattuck a spreadsheet of a list of all the families wishing to participate, and Shattuck adopts two to three families. After the families are chosen, Shattuck teachers sign up to purchase the gifts on each family’s wish list.

The faculty members’ contributions of movies, toys, stuffed animals, groceries, clothing, and gift cards help Norwich families experience a wonderful Christmas. The Shattuck office started collecting unwrapped gifts in November and they were delivered on December 15 to Human Services at the Central Baptist Church in Norwich. Once there, the packages were prepared to be distributed to the families..

The Shattuck house family has since received various thank-you letters and praise from the families for their kind acts.  Norwich Human Services is appreciative of whatever help people are willing to give to help Norwich families in need.