Diminishing Food Drive Contributions

Keerigan Heg, Staff Writer

For over 20 years, NFA’s Project Outreach has proudly sponsored a campus wide food drive.  This year’s winter drive sent donations to various food pantries including the on campus pantry,  and both Sacred Heart and St. Patrick’s church.

Homerooms competed to see who could collect the most donations; the incentive was a delicious catered breakfast. Mr.Rosenberg’s freshman class took the prize.

Unfortunately although many students donated to the food drive, the number of contributions was down when compared to prior years.  Jodi Vara, the Director of Project Outreach, fondly recalls a time when the entire Tirrell first floor hallway was carpeted with canned goods and nonperishables.

“We are grateful for everything we did receive, but it was definitely not like we have done in past years.”

Vara explained that the lack of support is not just evident at NFA. “I do know that donations around the area have been down for a lot of the food pantries.”  She admits that she does not know the exact reason for this decline, but Project Outreach Coordinators met on the matter and are trying to develop a plan to avoid this problem in the future.

Lower Elizabeth Graves is a PO volunteer who visited many homerooms during the food drive to advertise and remind students of the value of donating, “A lot of families don’t have the food they need, and I feel it’s important to help them.  Even if students just brought in one can; it still helps.”

According to Feeding America, a nonprofit organization focused on providing food security, 17.4 million people were in need of food sustenance in 2014.  To help change this staggering statistic, Project Outreach plans on running another food drive in the spring.

Vara explained that in order to collect more contributions in the upcoming drive students should have a different mindset, “Regardless of our situation, there is always someone that has it worse than we do and we should think of those people when we have any kind of drive like this.  Think about giving.”