NFA’s 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year


NFA's Teacher of the Year-Amy Correia

Kemmy Jeune, Staff Writer

Humble? Check.  NFA Graduate?  Check.  Passionate?  Check.  These qualities apply to many teachers, but ELL Coordinator and English teacher Amy Correia was selected by NFA faculty for the honor of Teacher of The Year.

Correia has been a teacher at Norwich Free Academy for approximately 10 years and is proud of her NFA upbringing.  She states, “There’s no better place to work at than NFA.  Though the differences are huge from when I attended, it’s good”

Correia loves her job and enjoys the differences that exist between each day and even from year to year.  She also she likes to see all the progress that her students make.  “I teach beginner ELL (English Language Learners), so when some kids come in, they barely know the alphabet; but by their senior year, they’re writing 5 paragraph essays–it’s a good feeling,” Correia explains.

Although Correia has an English teaching background, she now focuses her skills on teaching ELL classes. One of Correia’s former beginner ELL students, Lessandra Rodriguez Villanova, says that Correia has left a great impact on many of her students. She describes Correia as, “Helpful; she helped me a lot.  She is a very nice teacher.”

There is a process to becoming Teacher of The Year.  First and foremost, a teacher must be nominated by one of his/her peers.  Correia was nominated by history teacher Lorraine Dooley, who says, “I’ve worked with Mrs. Correia for many years.  She’s passionate and has a genuine love for NFA; she cares about making the campus great.”

“She has different sides to her; working with SAB, being an English teacher, to working with ELL.  I’ve seen her excel in everything that she has done, You will never find someone that works as diligently,” says Dooley.  

After the nomination has been submitted, the nominated teacher must write several essays as well as put together a resume. A committee of teachers then meets to review all of the nominations.  The final candidates are then interviewed, and a winner is chosen.

As Teacher of the Year, Correia has many responsibilities such as speaking in front of the faculty and staff on the opening day of school, speaking at class night, and presenting at the National Honor Society induction ceremony in the spring.

Correia and other Teachers of the Year from around the state were honored at Hartford’s Bushnell Theater in December.  Although Correia did not win the state competition, she still gained from the experience.  “Teacher of the Year means doing a good job at what you teach. It is such an honor and an amazing experience that I will have with me forever.”