A New Beginning for the Brickview

Last year's Brickview Inn (left).  This year's Brickview (right).

Last year's Brickview Inn (left). This year's Brickview (right).

Sydney Bond- Cavanagh

The Brickview restaurant at Norwich Free Academy has taken steps to revitalize its image this year by adopting a fresh, modern look, and involving more students in the program. The Brickview was introduced in 1990, and was located in the Bradlaw building.  It was dubbed the Brickview Inn for its view of the Tirrell building’s brick facade.

To signify the new beginning of the restaurant this year, it has been re-dubbed “Brickview.”

“We looked at changing the name entirely and everything, but people thought it was so much a historic part of NFA that to totally get rid of that brand, so we’ve just chopped it down to Brickview. It’s not an Inn, you can’t sleep here, ” commented culinary arts teacher and Brickview director Janel O’Neil.

Brickview looks fresh out of the box with a new bistro look. The tables were constructed out of reclaimed barn wood, and new lights have been installed to brighten up the atmosphere. The walls have been repainted, one wall with chalkboard paint. The chalkboard features the day’s menu, which enables the program to save paper on printing menus each week. The only remaining feature of the old restaurant is the floor, which the school plans to replace in the future.  

Brickview helps students in the restaurant management class prepare for a future in cooking. The class is comprised mostly of seniors, but a few uppers are also enrolled.  Originally, the class was only open to seniors, who had taken Gourmet Foods. Now, students with 1.5 credits of any culinary class can work in the Brickview.  

The students rotate through jobs in order to get the full restaurant experience. Every week one student is the manager, and that student decides who does what job. Students work can work as chefs, waiters, and/or the host. The menus are determined each week by the students and the meals are prepared beforehand. The students simply warm up and plate the food when the restaurant opens up.

“[Working in the Brickview] gives you a lot of experience in cooking, and help working with customers, as well as finance,” upper Tai Youngscommented.

New to the program this year is the Grab-and-Go option. Every Tuesday, the Unified students will be working in the Brickview, and selling their own meals. Customers will not be served by waiters or waitresses, but will instead quickly buy food made to go.

Also new this year is that student artwork will be featured on the restaurant walls for customers to enjoy, and even buy. This display gives art students an opportunity to showcase their work while adding decoration to the restaurant.

The Brickview is open for sit down meals every Thursday in the bottom floor of Cranston during the lunch channel. Not only may students, faculty, and staff  enjoy the meals, but Norwich residents are welcome, as well.