Penguin Run, Walk, and Waddle


Aliyah Colli, Staff Writer

October 19, 2019, the Penguin Run, Walk, and Waddle event occurred at Mystic Aquarium. This event was used to raise money and awareness about the challenges the African penguin have to face everyday.

“We’ve seen them decline by over 70% in just the last decade alone,” said Senior Trainer of Penguins at Mystic Aquarium, Josh Davis. 

With all the help from the Penguin employees and everyone who was aware of the event, many people at the event and many people on the internet were spreading awareness about the problems and current event and next events to come.

“The African penguin is challenged by a variety of human related causes, Oil spills, pollution, habitat destruction, climate change and over-fishing are affecting their population in a variety of detrimental ways,” explained Davis.

“SANCCOB, which stands for the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal birds, are the leaders in African penguin rescue and rehabilitation efforts based right in Cape Town, South Africa. We’ve been partners with them for over 19 years now and we will continue to send our staff members back with proceeds from the Run, Walk, and Waddle for the penguins,” said Assistant Supervisor of Penguins, Tracy Camp. 

The money that is collected from the Penguin Run goes straight to Mystic Aquarium’s mission program after the event is finished. Their mission is to inspire everyone to protect and care for our oceans. A portion of the money also goes with some of their staff members to South Africa. The money gives the staff the ability to work with SANCCOB. They are able to work with the African Penguins in their natural habitat. 

“Any race that benefits animals and research, I get interested in,” said the 1st place runner from age category 70-99 years old, Tim Norris.

“Anything I could do for them, I would. Just look at them. How can you not help them?” stated participent, Mathew Thompson.

“I’m really grateful for everyone who came out to support us today. It means a lot to us that the community comes out in such droves to support us and the conservation work that we do here at Mystic Aquarium because they’re a big part of our success in helping fight for this species,” stated Trainer, Bridget Cronin.