Best Pizza in Town

Norwich boasts a number of good, well known pizza restaurants, and I am in search for the best. After the past week I have been to Little Cesars, Engine Six, and ordered Dominoes. All three of the restaurants had their own style and taste.

Everybody knows Little Cesars is the quickest and most convenient pizza in town. It is served hot and ready within five minutes of your order. I tasted their original Pepperoni Pizza and it did not “woah” me. It was good and had a fine taste, but it was way too greasy; there wasn’t enough pepperoni on it either.  Although the pizza was not that great, it was cheap; nevertheless, I ruled it out of the race.

Engine Six is a pizza place that I have been patronizing for years now.  It is actually a restaurant that my whole family has enjoyed for years. “Me and my son always go here during the summer mostly. We really like the pizza here, the service is great, and it’s right down the road,” says Russell Barboza. I ordered what I always get, the Supreme Pizza with onions, mushrooms, sausage, peppers and ham. It has a combination of the two meats and cheese, with the onions and peppers and onions that make it so delicious. The pizza was thick, which meant the bites were juicy and thick, and you could savor the taste for much longer. Engine Six’s Supreme Pizza is by far the best pizza in town as of right now.

Dominoes might be the most convenient pizza place in town, considering it’s one of the only places that delivers. I ordered a delivery of a Large Bacon Pizza, my favorite type of pizza. I shared the pizza with a friend because it was so big. The cheese was double-layered and they put the bacon on top of the cheese, as well as under it. I loved the pizza because it has bacon on it and that is my favorite type of meat. But Dominos Bacon Pizza is not as good as the oven-made Supreme Pizza from Engine Six.

As you can tell, Engine Six has the best pizza in town. Little Cesars and Dominos were not quite good enough. Still, all things considered, I highly recommend all of the restaurants.