Anna Ciriello Smashes Multiple NFA Records

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Anna Ciriello Smashes Multiple NFA Records

Owen Smith and Kenny Paulk

Owen Smith, Staff Writer

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NFA senior diver, Anna Ciriello went on a record breaking hot streak this season, breaking the NFA diving record for six dives three times.

Ciriello, whose best score for six dives last year was 187.42, took a big leap from last swim season. This year, she attempted more difficult dives that she did not have in her arsenal last year, and her efforts paid off. 

Head Coach Cory Tubbs hinted that Ciriello aimed to keep breaking her record so nobody else could ever break it. Ciriello “loaded” her repertoire with difficult dives in order to break her own record; her most recent six dives broke her own record by 13 points.

Cirello had confidence in her dives throughout the season, “I’m hoping to get 2nd or 1st in ECC’s” said Ciriello.

Sophia Podeszwa, a senior diver at Waterford High School, was the only thing standing in the way of a first place finish at ECC’s for Ciriello. Podeszwa won ECC’s as a junior last year and was ready to repeat this year. Due to the lack of a practice facility for NFA, Ciriello and Podeszwa actually practice together at Waterford’s pool and have gotten to know each other quite well.

Podeszwa enjoys practicing with Ciriello, “It helps me improve, seeing someone on my tail. It helps me keep going”

While Podeszwa had confidence in her chances as a repeat ECC champ, she acknowledged that Ciriello has taken great strides since last year and had a good chance of winning as well.

NFA Diving coach, Tom Theve, echoed Podeszwa. “It’s no coincidence that Anna broke the record the first 2 times when she was diving against Sophia. She steps up when there’s better competition.”

“I think Anna should also be trying to break the 11 dive record at ECCs, as well,” said Tubbs after Ciriello started breaking records.

Ciriello did just that at the ECC diving championship, placing second and breaking the girls diving record for NFA with a score of 429.30. While she did not take first, Ciriello improved from a seventh  place score last year and qualified for States where she then qualified for State Opens.