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“Whose Line” Was Fine

Zeigh Perry, Staff Writer

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Paula Deen, Liam Neeson, and Kanye West each made appearances in the Slater auditorium on May 7. Well, their personalities did anyway. NFA students and faculty members performed both impressions and improvisation at the Whose Line is it, NFA? comedy show. The random and hilarious antics during the improv games left the large crowd laughing. Candy and class apparel were sold at the show, with the proceeds going to both domestic violence prevention and the class of 2015. 

Through all of the excitement, many audience members appreciated the work and quick thinking that make the show possible. Jaden McNally, a freshman, was impressed by the show, “It was really entertaining watching the students and teachers try to improvise scenes.” The audience knows how hard it is to think on the fly. What is lesser known is that the cast has just as much fun as the audience does during the show. The Whose Line cast had a blast and brought down the house on several occasions.

NFA senior Brett Cox said,  “I like being funny and making people laugh. It’s a team effort when we’re on stage.” Cox was one of five students who participated in the show.

This year’s Whose Line is It, NFA? was memorable not just for its edgy humor, but as the last performance of beloved English teacher and crowd favorite Michael Lefevre.    Lefevre recently took a job as the Dean of Students at Windsor Locks High School, but he has been a member of the Whose Line cast for 8 years.  This year’s show was very special to him.  “Putting on that last show for my students meant a great deal to me.”

English teacher and Whose Line director Sally Derusha echoed Lefevre’s sentiments.  “I’m sure it’s special for the kids and special in that we’re not going to hear his big mouth on stage any longer!”

Derusha’s well-intentioned humor sums up the production.  Although Lefevre will no longer be a part of the production, as the saying goes, “The show must go on!”  Whose Line is it, NFA? plans on continuing for many years.





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“Whose Line” Was Fine