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“Almost, Maine” Performed at NFA

Jordyn Milton, Marissa Kaika

The cast of

The cast of "Almost Maine."

The cast of "Almost Maine."

Jordyn Milton, Staff Writer

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 On January 27 and 28, 2017 Norwich Free Academy premiered its first winter play. “Almost, Maine” has been produced over 2,000 times both throughout the United States and internationally, and over 250 people attended the NFA performances.  

Philip Trostler, NFA’s play director and drama teacher said, “ ‘Almost, Maine’ is one of the most popular high school plays in the country; and so, since this is my first year here at NFA, I wanted to do something that I knew was going to be a good play for students to do.”

Whether it is getting engaged after dating for many years, falling out of love with their husband/wife, or saying “I love you” to someone they just met, this play is truly a romantic roller coaster.

On a magical Friday night, where the Northern Lights are shining, 9 different couples each experience a problem in their love lives.  8 student-actors: Seniors Elise Vanase, Eoin Smedley, and Charles Ling, and freshmen Johanny Ortiz, Holly Rust, Garrett Owen, Malachi Brown, and Analyse Tower played 18 different characters.

The couples in the play comment on diverse and distinctive relationships and problems that occur in modern-day relationships.

“I hope that everybody in the audience can reflect upon an experience that they’ve had and at least find one scene that they go, ‘Oh yeah, I know how that feels,’” Trostler stated.

Smedley stated, “The play is about the magical properties of love and how love changes people and affects people in different ways.”

All of the money raised from ticket sales and snacks will be used to produce the Playshop’s spring musical, “Into the Woods.”

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“Almost, Maine” Performed at NFA