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Strong Bonds on Display at the NFA Senior Dedication Concert

Kyra Ford, Staff Writer

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During the four years that students spend at NFA, many bonds are formed.  Lifelong friends are found and mentors inspire students to strive for success.  There are many clubs and activities at NFA that provide students with the opportunity to form these bonds, and the Norwich Free Academy Choral department is no different.

The department holds an annual Senior Dedication Concert as its second concert of the year.  Typical NFA choral concerts start with the Ambassadors singing both the National Anthem and the Alma Mater.  After they are done, the Concert Choir singers perform, followed by the Ambassadors, and, finally, the Chamber Singers. The senior dedication concert does not appear any different, until the end.

Before the last song, Tonya Laymon, NFA’s choral director, calls up each senior to the stage, one by one, to receive a rose and a hug. Many of the seniors, like Morgan Jaffe, have been in Laymon’s class for all four years of their high school career.

“It was an emotional night. It’s a reminder that this is our last year with her, it’s very bittersweet,” Jaffe explained.

“Laymon is like a second mom to all of us. We all come to her with our problems, no matter how big or small they are. It’s going to be weird not talking to her as much as I do now,” added senior Brittany Laflamme.

The seniors all got together to do something special for Laymon, too. They bought her a bouquet of flowers and a couple even wrote short speeches about their time in her class. By the end of the night, most of the choir students, even underclassmen, were crying.

“It’s sad because a majority of my friends are seniors, and it’s going to be totally different to not see them in class every day next year,” said upper Elizabeth Bartoshevich.

It was a special night, even for the seniors who hadn’t been in choir that long. Laymon told the audience that it didn’t matter how long a student has taken her class, “We’re all a part of one big dysfunctional family.”


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Strong Bonds on Display at the NFA Senior Dedication Concert