NFA Bakes Bread for a Good Cause

Sandra Chen, Staff Writer

Students and teachers of Project Outreach and NFA’s Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) collaborated in the beginning of December to bake breads for the less fortunate to enjoy during the holidays. This annual event began over 25 years ago with Project Outreach students, but has evolved over the years in order to accommodate the growing needs of the community.  

“This year we made about 300 loaves of bread. 85 breads went to the Hospice of Southeastern Connecticut to distribute to the families in their care around the holidays, and the rest went to the United Way Mobile Food Pantry distribution held at NFA monthly,” explained Laura Szczygiel, NFA’s Culinary Arts teacher.

Project Outreach director, Jodi Savage said, “It is always nice to let people know that you are thinking of them over the holidays, especially those who might be struggling with something in their lives. We all have moments when we have been lifted by another person’s good deeds or kindness, and it is important to honor those people and those moments by doing something for others as well.”

While the bread baking’s purpose was to feed people, NFA Culinary Arts teacher, Amy Reed believes this experience also impacts students positively.

“I hope students would gain the importance in giving back to others in our community. Students also get a chance to work with others whom they might not necessarily meet on campus. It is important to teach them to give back; one may never know when they will be on the other side needing help from others,” commented Reed.

Senior Victoria Padua participated in the bread baking event this year.

“I did it because I really want to help people; to combine two things I love, which [are] food and helping others, was a rewarding experience,” said Padua.

“I think it is always important to give back to those less fortunate because you never know their life circumstances, and you never know where your life may take you,” commented Szczygiel.

If baking loaves of bread can make a family smile, then NFA’s culinary class and Project Outreach organization have achieved their goal.