NFA’s Bowling Club is Hoping to Strike Varsity

Louise Doiron, Staff Writer

According to an article in the New York Times, bowling has become the fastest growing high school varsity sport, and NFA is looking into adding bowling to their long list of varsity sports. There is a large number of students at NFA who would love to support their high school by doing what they love. 

“We’ve all been pushing for it because there’s a bunch of really good high schools out there that have varsity [bowling]. We’re a big high school. It’d be cool to have one of our own,”says a senior at NFA and a part time bowler, Sean Bumpus. 

Not only are students asking for the team, so are the teachers. 

“Those are the kids that have shown an interest in it,” says Mr. Bedard, a teacher at NFA. 

You certainly do not have to have a background in bowling to join the team. 

“Anyone can bowl for NFA. We encourage more people to come and bowl all the time. I guess the biggest barrier is to break that stigma of ‘Oh, bowling is just weird,’” says bowler and NFA senior, Jon Maynard.

Though bowling does not tend to have a cool reputation, many students find pleasure in the sport and play simply for fun. 

“Some people might find it ridiculous that there is a bowling team, but personally I wouldn’t. It’s great. It would be fantastic to have the team. I would really enjoy it,” says NFA freshman, Chris Maynard. 

Peter Daigle, a 10th grader at NFA, finds bowling to be a way of socializing.

“The team aspect of bowling for me was like forming a better relationship with people. When you really start to bowl with them, it’s like I just formed another bond,” says Daigle.

Bowling is just like any other sport that gets kids involved in physical activities with their friends. 

“It gets kids out of the house. It’s fun. You spend time with your friends. I love coming here and hanging out with my friends [and] bowling competitively,” says Bumpus. 

“It’s a matter of NFA being willing  to put in the money for a varsity sport. And I think NFA is willing to do that because NFA does a lot to support students,”says Bedard. 

Along with support from NFA, bowling is also a great avenue for scholarships.

“JBT [Junior Bowlers Tour], offers scholarship money if you’re under 18 and you [have] won a tournament. There’s definitely benefits in bowling. I have quite a bit of scholarships,” said Bumpus. 

Bowling is a simple sport that, with effort, can be one played with passion and dedication along with fun. 

“You don’t need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to be good at bowling. But it’s just super fun. Just try it. You can kind of do your own thing, as long as you keep your feet behind the foul line. Everything is in play so go have fun,”says Jon Maynard. 

“It’s a good avenue to bring awareness to a new sport that a lot of teenagers are starting to bring up,” says Jon Maynard.

If bowling were to become an official varsity sport at NFA, it would benefit those students who are passionate about the sport and perhaps turn more kids onto the sport.