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This website is an educational tool for the students of the Norwich Free Academy Journalism and Digital Media programs.  It allows the students “real world” experience and communication skills which can be used if they choose to enter the field of print and video journalism.   Through the Journalism program, students learn the skills necessary for them to be multi-media journalists, otherwise known as MMJ’s.  This is the wave of the future as more and more companies  downsize their workforce and prioritize versatile journalists.  In the fast paced media world, MMJ’s must produce a story  accurate for print, the Internet, and/or television, and meet deadline.  Students who produce for this website gain the confidence, knowledge, and experience to remain competitive in the college application process and work world.

This website does not take the place of The Norwich Free Academy website where the online school newspaper, Red & White, is published.  This website, accessible through NFA’s main website (, is the only published location for student-produced news stories at NFA, as the school no longer prints a physical newspaper.  This website does not take the place of the student produced news show, Wildcat News Now (WNN).

A select number of students work  on this website.  It has photo galleries, video news packages, and articles all produced by student journalists.

Students work hard to produce this work.  Please enjoy browsing through the site.

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About Website