Teachers put on a show

LeeAnn Black, Editor in Chief

Recently, faculty and staff collaborated in a variety of lively and energetic performances in the Second Annual Teacher Talent Show.

Over twenty faculty and staff members performed monologues, comedy routines and musical acts which included, solos, duets, small rock groups and a percussion piece.

Tonya Laymon, NFA’s vocal instructor performed, “Your Daddy’s Son,” from the musical “Ragtime” to the audience in Slater Auditorium.

“I sing with my students every day in class, but they never really get to see me perform or sing like I would during a solo performance,” Laymon said.

“I feel that students benefit from this talent show as it gives them the opportunity to see their teachers in a different light. It’s one more way that students can see their teachers outside of the classroom and maybe be used as a road to start talking about all sorts of things that wouldn’t normally come up in conversations between students and teachers,” Bryant Sheldon, Tirrell House Principle and drumline performer said.

Students had the opportunity to relax and encourage their teachers.

“This event is meant to be a fun evening where people can come together for a few laughs and some quality performances,” Ross Sward who also participated in the show said.

Performing wasn’t just about putting on a show, but something more according to Laymon.

“It’s great for people to see that we are more than just teachers here on campus. We are not only teachers but we are musicians, comedians, actors and sometimes the class clown,” Laymon said.

As for the future of this annual event, “it would be great one day to have a combined faculty and student talent show, but until then, I’m happy to participate in this activity,” Sheldon said.

Not only do students get to be entertained by their teachers but it “makes the teachers seem a little more human,” Michael Williston said.