“Avengers Endgame” Gives Hope to Audiences


Jazmin Ortiz, Staff Writer

The newly popular Marvel movie, “Avengers Endgame,” has sold over 2 billion tickets just on the opening weekend. What is it about the movie that has left people across the world in awe? Is it the fact that in the matter of three hours, fans have all had their hearts touched? Or is it that the “Avengers” franchise has come to an end?

Marvel began in 1939. Its founder, Martin Goodman, started out only making comics. In fact, Marvel was known as Timely Comics up until the 1950s, when Timely Comics became Atlas Comics. Atlas Comics was not named Marvel until 1961, when Stan Lee came on board, with his creations of the “Fantastic Four.” The very first comic only starred the original character, “ Human Torch,” made by Martin Goodwin.  

Iron Man was introduced in 1963, for the comic book series, “Tales Of Suspense. #39.” 45 years later, in 2008, Marvel made its very first film, “Iron Man.” Over 20 films have been made since then, all of them leading up to when all of the superheroes finally come together as the “Avengers.”

The “Avengers” franchise dates back to early May of 2012. The first movie, “The Avengers,” is where fans saw their favorite superheroes Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye all together, fighting side by side in the invasion of New York.

English teacher, Patrick Kirker is an avid fan of Marvel.

“The Marvel franchise is significant and will continue to be significant [because of ] their focus and power of storytelling and the power of creating phenomenal characters, characters that we can relate to, especially within our crazy world today.  And they center all their stories on themes about family, friendship, forgiveness and hope. All the themes are eternal.” explained Kirker

The Avengers franchise has come to an end with the movie, “Endgame.”

“’Endgame,’ instead of introducing a problem and then trying to solve it from there, the entire premise of the movie is to solve the problem created in “Infinity War,” explained ninth grader, Ryan Sabrowske.

“Endgame” is an extension of the movie, “Infinity War,” in which all the Marvel characters come together to have their first encounter with the Marvel villain, Thanos, who wipes out most of the planet population, including most of the Avengers.

“I think what’s truly impressive and significant about ‘Endgame,’ especially for someone who has followed all 22 films, over the course of 11 years, it is something that is completely unprecedented in cinematic storytelling,” expressed Kirker.

“Endgame” had many people in tears.

“The Scott Lang (Ant-man) scene when he comes back from the quantum realm, pushed me way over the top.  The Scott Lang scene I felt for me.” explained history teacher, James Rourke

During “Infinity War,” Scott Lang is stuck in the quantum realm, where he had been stuck for five years. When he comes back, he has no idea what happened to everyone. His daughter hasn’t seen him for five years and automatically thinks he died during the first encounter with Thanos.

“For sakes, I was watching a Marvel movie and I’m having contemplations about what it means to outlive your own children,” said Rourke.

Marvel Studios has managed to touch many fans’ hearts with their character development and relatability.  

“I think that regardless of whether someone’s eight years old or 78 years old, and regardless of gender, all these themes and all these characters resonated especially from these stories. And I think the good thing, you know, from this crazy world, these stories give us hope,” stated Kirker.