“Lift Yourself” by Kanye West is Deeper Than it Appears


Kameron Patenaude, Staff Writer

Kanye West, one of today’s most controversial musicians, has released his new song “Lift Yourself.” Although seemingly immature on the surface, this song actually conveys a message about modern music and the future of rap. Here is the “scoopity” on Kanye’s new song.

Forget, for a moment, that West wrote this song. Although he has done things that might make you despise him, such as interrupting Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA’s or appearing on the Ellen Show (which is a whole other article in itself ), his genius is still shown through his lyrics.

The words “ Lift yourself up on your feet, let’s get it on,” and other variations to the words such as “lift yourself” or just simply “lift,” are repeated throughout the entire song, all while an uplifting beat is playing in the background. This repetition and the somewhat cheesy demands to “lift yourself” make it seem like no time or energy was put into the music. So why would West create such a song that would embarrass any other mainstream artist?

According to GoBankingRates, West’s net worth is 160 million dollars, which is more than enough to live on and retire. West does not depend on these new songs to make a living, but now focuses on using his massive following to send a message. “Lift Yourself” was streamed approximately 7.2 million times in the first week after it was released on West’s website. He sees all of this attention as the perfect opportunity to make his voice heard, and to take a stab at mainstream rap music, most specifically “Trap Rap.”

Trap Rap, also known as Trap Music, is the category many rappers fall into today, and it features a series of repeated words that lay over a really catchy beat. Sound familiar?

Rap has grown in prominence over the years, and when it began, its words carried a lot of meaning and delivered powerful messages to audiences. Today, however, mainstream rap songs often display no message, and are actually about a rapper’s lifestyle and how much fun it is to be a pop star. With this style of rap growing in popularity, West decided to act.

Poopy-di scoop Scoop-diddy-whoop Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop Poop-di-scoopty Scoopty-whoop” are some of the most memorable lines at the end of “Lift Yourself,”and appear to show that West is not taking this song seriously at all.

The last word of the whole song is “poop.”  This word, popular among second graders, is the last word of a song heard by more than 7 million people. West is seemingly making a statement about his opinion of Trap Rap.

But is he really making fun of just Trap Rap? Perhaps he is just trying to see how much money he can make off his audience by writing such a simple song. Maybe West does not think his audience is sophisticated enough to understand complicated words, so he resorts to vocabulary he hears his children saying around the house. After all, toddlers do have to “lift themselves up on their feet” to “get on the action of walking.”

If West is poking fun at the intelligence of his fans, at the new style of rap music, or both, you cannot doubt that releasing this song required guts. My view? He’s not only poking fun at rap fans everywhere, but making his disgust with Trap Rap known. West makes a valuable point.  The “Poopity Scoop” is that Trap Rap is just that… poop.