Music in the 21st Century: The Impact of Technology


Sheldon Stewart, Staff Writer

Technology affects music in many ways. It may help the teaching aspect, but it also may distract from learning.

Since the first computer was invented in the year 1936 the world has changed everywhere. Many people believe technology helps while playing guitar, while others believe there are some flaws regarding that belief. 

“The websites I use like, Guitar Pro, Guitar Pro 6, Guitar Pro 7 helped me… create these chord diagrams, scales, and [to] write things out to help me be a better teacher,” said Ron Getherow, a guitar teacher that has played guitar for 55 years.

Many people are taking online lessons nowadays, as opposed to one-to-one in person. 

Scott Daimler an employee of Groton Guitars for 23 years. 

“Personally, I like it a little bit more as a one-to-one with a teacher, opposed to online with the lesson studio next door. You learn a lot more with the interactions with other students or teachers, [by] asking questions that maybe something online may overlook,” said Daimler.

Technology affects the learning of instruments; technology also affects businesses.

“You start to see more people go online and just buy stuff. Whether or not it’s just strings or that kind of thing. Back in the day, it was quick to go down to the store and keep things local as opposed to going on the computer and buying things. I think…local sales have really taken a downfall with the advent of people buying things online,”  said Daimler.

“Business has gone down a little bit, because a lot [of people] are getting the lessons online,” shared Getherow, adding “There is so much free stuff on there but then personally I think there’s no substitute for having a one-to-one with an actual teacher.”  

Technology has helped Daimler and Getherow with their guitar music. 

“I think it has increased my guitar playing. Back in my day, to learn a song you either had to take a CD or even a record and actually rewind it a bunch of times or pick up the needle and go back to where you wanted to learn. Now, you can go online. Somebody’s playing it correctly and will slow it down for you. You can actually learn it very quickly,” said Daimler.

Technology allows people like Daimler and Getherow have access to things they would not have otherwise. 

“I have access to an orchestra now. Before, someone like me, would never have access to a 40 piece orchestra, which is exactly what I’ve got on this computer here. That’s something I would never have gotten into without technology. It would just never happen,“ said Getherow. 

Music will be important to people for many years to come. As technology gets better and more advanced, music will change with it.