NFA Students Give Back For The Holidays

Gabi Chinigo and Jack Holdsworth


Students filled over 300 bread pans.

Gabi Chinigo, Staff Writer

The holiday season inspires many people to give back to the community and help those in need. On December 11, students from the Norwich Free Academy’s student volunteer organization, Project Outreach, worked together to bake over 300 loaves of bread to distribute to the Center for Hospice Care of Southeastern Connecticut.

“I know that since I’m getting gifts, I want to give other people gifts, and make them just as happy.  And I am so fortunate; I want other people to feel the same way,” said Allison Reguin, a Project Outreach Student Coordinator.

Hospice patients are not the only ones benefitting from this event.

Jodi Savage, NFA’s Project Outreach Coordinator, explained, “The bread will be going to patients’ families that are on Hospice care, as well as [to] the mobile food pantry truck, and to our students who receive food bags.”

Project Outreach has not always baked bread.

“We used to actually bake cookies, but it started to get to be too much, so we were looking for a way to still be able to bake for the community, but make it easier, so we came up with the idea of bread,” said Savage. “The cookie making has been going on since I was a student here, which was many years ago, and we’ve just kept it going.”

Reguin added, “I hope that families will have comfort and joy during the Christmas season, and I hope that they will get good food.”