Slater Museum Preparing to Reopen After Roof Replacement



Slater Museum is nearly ready to reopen its doors

Daniel Weeks, NFA Red & White Reporter

Since the Spring of 2022, Slater Museum has been closed while workers replace the original roof from 1886. Many students and members of the community have been wondering, how much longer are we going to have to wait for the museum to reopen? 

Slater Museum Director Dayne Rugh said “The construction is pretty much complete, we are just waiting on the final installation of lightning protection and then the rest of the scaffolding will come down and the roof will will be complete.” Rugh also said that the exhibits will be refreshed and that there will be some brand new exhibits added for museum visitors to explore, like the collection of works by Norwich artist Ellis Ruley, which will make him a permanent feature of the museum. 

According to the NFA website “The Slater Museum awakens its visitors to the richness and diversity of the human experience through art and history.” NFA is one of the two high schools in the United States believed to have a museum on campus. The Slater museum will keep some of the old exhibits  but will simply let visitors experience them in a new way such as adding brand new signs and labels to the gallery of plaster casts, which is being renamed to “Casts of the Ancient World”.

The Slater Museum is an engaging building on the NFA campus that brings the community closer together and is hopefully being reopened to the public and campus students as well as the gift shop by spring 2023.