Dancing To The Beat Of Drums


Aislinn Richmond, NFA Red & White Reporter

A showcase representing local Native American tribes recently took place at Norwich Free Academy. Representatives demonstrated traditional dances, clothing and drumming. NFA selected history classes to attend the showcase to learn about the strong Native history and presence there is in Southeastern Connecticut. 

Dancers showed off their clothing decorated with customary feathers, and beading. Erin-Lamb Meeches of the Schaghticoke tribe was the emcee for the event and highlighted the importance of representing their culture. “It’s a great opportunity to share the native culture. I mean we are in the traditional homelands of the Mashantucket, Pequot, and Moghean tribes, this is their ancestral homeland. It is important to acknowledge that and to acknowledge the diversity of the indigenous people that are living here, that are students here, or have graduated from this school.”