NFA student section has spirit


Rodrigo Amado Gomes and Glendon Dawson, Red & White Contributor

It is evident that after an 18 month hiatus in high school Fall sports, students are more energetic than ever to get back to cheering on their athletic teams.

Norwich Free Academy students feel this way, since over 250 of them pack the bleachers for every home football game. Student section faculty advisor, Nick Tague, works to keep it organized.

“We are involved because we all want to be together, we all want to be a positive force to cheer for our team.  We recently had to expand the number of seats that our kids get in the bleachers because so many kids are coming, which is amazing.  The more support we have at our athletic events the better we play.”

Though the Fall season is almost over, the student section will continue its enthusiasm into the Winter sports season.  Cheerleader Mia Kupeka, looks forward to working with the student section at the basketball games. “It’s really fun that our energy and their energy can feed off of one another.  It makes the games so much fun,” says Kupeka.