Spring Break Destination- Colorado


Just one of many incredible destinations to visit

LeeAnn Black, Editor in Chief

April Break seems to be the best time for students and their families to take a relaxing vacation, but if you’re senior Kelsey O’Connell, you spent your vacation hiking up the Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado.

“There’s always beautiful scenery wherever you look,” O’Connell said.

Colorado also has an interesting twist on a hometown pie.

“We went to a restaurant called Panino’s and they made pizzas rolled up with all sorts of things stuffed in it. My mom got a spaghetti panino with pasta and marinara sauce,” O’Connell said.

What is the best part about Colorado?

“It’s so far away from home; it’s the perfect place to get away from everything for a while and

be in a new fun environment,” O’Connell said.