NFA Holds “Celebrate NFA Day” with Great Success


Ashnaelle BiJoux, Staff Writer

On May 13, Norwich Free Academy held Celebrate NFA day, a day focused on kids playing and having fun on campus, for its students. 

Due to both the size of the event and Covid, the campus safety department had to figure out a way for the kids to enjoy their day safely. 

“We work in conjunction with the PE department. We also spoke with the Norwich Police Department and let them know,”said Stephany Bakoulis, Campus Safety Associate Director.  “We made sure that the campus remains safe while the event is going on.”

With the help of campus safety and NPD the students stayed safe, but thanks to the PE department, students also enjoyed their day. 

“There was a lot of excitement and laughter,” said Jason Bakoulis, head of the PE department. “Just based on the overall feel and the look of the students tells me that they enjoyed the day.” 

Not only does Bakoulis feel this event was successful, but so do teachers like Lindsey Porter. 

“Everyone had sort of let their guard down. Especially after having a really tough year,” said Porter. “It connected us a little more.”

After the first NFA day experience the staff and Jason Bakoulis hope to make  this celebration a tradition by bringing it back next year.

“Having less restrictions to C

ovid is going to allow us to open up more activities, more excitement for everybody involved,” said Bakoulis. 

Overall the day was successful. Kids enjoyed their day and so did the teachers. Everyone on campus participated in this much needed break from school.