The Lillian S. Young Annual Spelling Bee in its 37th Year


Alexis Brundige, Staff Writer

The Annual Spelling Bee took place on November 25th in Slater Auditorium located on the NFA campus.

“Lillian S. Young was an alumni who died and the spelling bee is a memorial for her,” said English teacher, Kim Roberts.

For each grade, there is one winner. This year’s winners are Emma Wasilewski (freshman), Jamal Joinvil (sophomore), Matthew Barbaeu (junior), and Davien Gomes (senior). 

The rules of the spelling bee are simple. Students have to say the word, spell the word, and repeat the word. If students desire, they are allowed to use a notepad to write the word down. Students are also allowed to have the word repeated. The judges decide whether the word is spelled correctly or incorrectly. Their decision is final.

“[The spelling bee] is a true test of their spelling prowess,” said Roberts.

Words are chosen from a dictionary at random. The spelling bee is a good opportunity to possibly win over a one thousand dollar prize, a medal, and a certificate.

“If your good at English and not doing it for the money, it is an easy way to get a scholarship,” said Barbaeu.

Students first have to go through a preliminary round where they complete a written test to qualify for the final round.

Twenty two students qualified for the final round. There were nine freshman, eleven sophomores, seven juniors, and four seniors participating in the final round of the spelling bee.

The spelling bee left the winners with different perspectives than what they had when they initially began the spelling bee.

“These are now my competitors… everyone is trying their hardest for the prize,” said Gomes.

Another student did not see her peers as her competitors.

“It’s a good feeling, but I am also sad that I had to beat my friends to get it,”said Wasilewski. 

Wasilewski found that the spelling bee was a good way to help her find a new hobby and helped her find something she was interested in. 

All winners will receive a cash prize towards the end of the school year.