Slater Museum: Beneficial to All

Lily Benedict, Freshman

Slater Museum can be found on NFA’s campus. Slater is beneficial to students but is also beneficial to the community. NFA is one of two high schools in the United States to have a professionally staffed museum on campus. 

“The benefits certainly are endless. We never want to stop educating and being a resource to NFA and to the community. Being able to reopen safely will allow us to execute that mission,” says Dayne Rugh, Director of Education for Slater Museum. 

The Museum has also been made more accessible for the students at NFA and members of the surrounding community. 

Rugh explains, “We’ve been expanding our digital presence, and have even incorporated new ways to tour the museum without actually having to be here.” 

These features can be especially helpful to students learning remotely, as well as community members who would prefer an online option.

 During remote learning, students have to be in front of a screen all day, so I wanted to give them something interesting and educational to look at.  And Slater is the best background on campus!” says Erik Flaucher, History teacher at NFA.

The museum is filled with art that shows the history of Norwich as well as art that represents many cultures. A popular exhibit is the cast gallery.

“I think it’s a very valuable resource that sets us apart from other schools and really gives our students a sense of how much culture and history there is out there in the world,” explains Flaucher.

Students can use the museum to their benefit to educate themselves on the history of the art pieces and exhibits.

“I think as an art student it is huge to be able to go over there and have all of the information at your fingertips, and gain all of that inspiration,”  says Stephanie Blonksy, NFA Art teacher. 

The museum benefits more than just the art program. 

Blonsky adds, “I think every department could benefit from the museum.”

Community members and students are encouraged to utilize the museum’s resources.