Teachers Share Thoughts About Students Coming Back Four Days A Week


Jaden Perkins, Staff Writer

NFA started the school year in a hybrid model learning environment, but starting April 19th the school started letting students back on campus four days a week.

NFA History teacher Michael Byrne gave insight on having full classes again. He stated “having a full class again was not a huge jump. It was more of a sign of relief having a full class again.”

While teachers were excited for students to be back, they still had to put in work to get the class in motion.

NFA English Teacher Sandra Donovan said “It took a little juggling trying to accommodate people online while trying to use more paper and fewer computers in the classroom, but I have been looking forward to seeing everyone together.”

Because lots of students returned to campus it leaves less students in the fully remote model. NFA science teacher Cary Langley gave some insight about student engagement since returning.

Langley stated, “students who are in person four days a week are just starting to participate more. But it is nowhere near what it was like pre-pandemic. On the flip side I feel like virtual students have become quieter because there are less of them.”

Being in a hybrid model for most of the school year was a challenge. When the school started talking about going back four days a week, Byrne was excited.

Byrne said “when they first brought up going four days a week I was pumped. I was kind of getting tired of having channels two days a week, and only seeing students once a week. It was tough.”

Even though the school year had its challenges, welcoming students on campus four days a week and having more kids back on campus brought teachers lots of excitement.