Rebecca Holdridge Has What It Takes To be Teacher Of The Year


Lailah Lucas, Staff Writer

Every year a teacher is nominated to be Teacher of the Year. To select a teacher for teacher of the year it is a long process and a big decision. It is very hard for the Teacher of the Year committee to decide who gets to have this enjoyable and honorable moment. This year’s Teacher of the Year at NFA is Rebecca Holdridge.   

 Linda Farinha, the director of the Teacher of the Year committee, explained the steps to becoming Teacher of the Year.

“It’s a long process. In  the beginning of the second Semester we send out emails asking if you would like to nominate a teacher for Teacher of the Year. You have to be a teacher at NFA for at least five years. And it doesn’t have to be a teacher, it can be anyone,” said Farinha. 

Another step that has to be done for Teacher of the Year is teachers that were nominated have to reply to the Teacher of the Year committee. 

“Teachers that were nominated have to say yes they want to continue with the steps or no they don’t,” said Farinha.

Rebecca Holdridge, a English Teacher, is the Teacher of the Year for the 2020-2021 school year. She had no idea she would win. She was shocked. 

“I didn’t have any idea I was going to be nominated, I was really surprised because there are so many good teachers at NFA,” said Holdridge. 

Bryant Sheldon, the principal of Cranston building, explained why he thinks Holdridge was selected teacher of the year.

 “She is very creative with her lessons and you can tell she really loves her job,” said Sheldon. 

Holdridge cares and tries to get to know her students and help them be their best selves. She doesn’t just help her students, she also helps her school and people around her. 

“I really try to get to know my students, I’m on a lot of committees and try to help the school. I try to figure out what my students want and need,” said Holdridge.

Sheldon and many more believe Holdridge is an award-winning teacher. Shyla Houtman, a twelfth grade student at NFA, also believes that Holdridge is an amazing teacher.

“She has the mindset of a teacher and she knows how to work with kids,” said Houtman.

In addition to being celebrated here at NFA, Holdridge also took the next step in the Teacher of the Year process–applying to the statewide Teacher of the Year contest.